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Putting It All Together (Scratch)

The culmination of the spring 2015 kinder coding club is learning to write our own games using the website called Scratch. Scratch is designed for kids 8 and older, but we think you are ready for it now, with maybe just a little help from us and your parents.

We aren't going to start without any guidance. Instead, we've built a variety of example games which we'll be “remixing” to add our own twists and fun.

Here are the example games you can choose from:

  • rocket-launch

    Rocket launch is the simplest of our examples and a great place to start learning Scratch. To understand how it works, you really only need to look at the rocket's scripts.

  • letter-zap

    Letter zap adds more sophisticated interaction between two sprites on top of what we used for rocket launch. It also keeps track of your progress using a variable.

  • dress-up

    Dress up isn't much more complicated than letter zap, but it adds many more moving parts since there are several models, dresses, and backdrops. It also adds music to make the game more fun.

  • gunner

    Gunner is a two player game just for fun. It has the interactions of letter zap with the sprite complexity of dress up, so it's probably best saved for last.

These examples are collected into a studio that we'll be using to showcase the work of Spicewood students. If you make something you're proud of, be sure to email us a link and we'll add it to the studio for your friends to see.