Coding After School

Spicewood Coding Club: Spring 2020

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Kickoff Course 1

At Coding After School, we'll be studying Course 1 from We're going to start simple and work our way up to building our own game over the course of the spring semester.


Silly Machines (Algorithms)

Computers take instructions from programmers, but they’re very silly: they can only do exactly what you tell them to. When your mom tells you to “come to dinner,” you can easily stop what you’re doing, find the dinner table, turn your body toward it, walk over, pull out the chair, and sit down to dinner. But a computer wouldn’t have the first idea of where to begin unless you clearly explain each step to it.


Changing Your Mind (Debugging)

Do you ever change your mind? Are you always right or do you find that sometimes you've made a mistake? One of the greatest things about computer programming is that it's okay to make mistakes. It lets you try things out, fail, and try again, all the while giving you feedback about how you're doing so you can keep getting closer to the correct program.


Putting It All Together (Scratch)

The culmination of the spring 2015 kinder coding club is learning to write our own games using the website called Scratch. Scratch is designed for kids 8 and older, but we think you are ready for it now, with maybe just a little help from us and your parents.


Coding After School is a programming club for kindergarteners at Spicewood Elementary. Inspired by the success of the Hour of Code and based on the same educational software and curriculum from, Coding After School is a fun way for kids to learn to program a computer.